Help Me to Help You and to Help Others

I intend to add variety and flavor to my website over the next months. Please note that my family and I can do with uncondtional support. That does not mean that I am not transparent and cannot be held to account. Over the last week I was not able to work out how to find my own website login page. Each week I take on more than I can handle by way of support for one of our children, Amy, online ‘counselling’ of others and in relation to my own very rare health condition.

Last night an individual contacted me for support and gave me the suggestion to research how to receive online donations for our medical needs. I have been bullied into situations in which I have had to protect persons and save face. Factually we have lost virtually all active friendships bar two, and the online communities I am part of which have become my home away from home.

People do not seem to take our need seriously, for example my physical incapacity, which to me does not mean that I cannot or should not work. To the contrary, I accomplish more in my sleep, when and if I can sleep due to pain, than most people do in a day of full-time employment.

I am going to blog about this over the next weeks and begin additions to my website not only in behalf of myself and our Amy’s need, but also in behalf of those wonderful people who share RADs (Rare Adipose [Fat] Disorders) with me.

To donate you can do so following the steps below, or someone can help me by correcting this process as it does not read right to me. I am currently taking a break from driving. The only way to change the world is one step and one person at a time. Please do not flood me with an oversupply of advice:

Get started:
  1. Log in or sign up for a PayPal account, go to the Request Money tab, and enter the donor’s email address and the amount requested.
  2. The email recipient can donate with their PayPal account or credit cards.
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation email when the donation goes into your PayPal account.

PayPal for Personal Fundraising